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Educators for Community Engagement is the only national organization committed to democratizing classrooms and communities through learning circles, service-learning, and critical dialogue.

ECE brings together college and university students, faculty, staff, and local community organizations to develop and implement creative strategies for teaching, learning, and social justice. forex singapore

Educators for Community Engagement explore current issues in service-learning and civic engagement through learning circles. Learning circles are based on a spirit of reciprocal and cooperative learning for self and social transformation which different people will implement with different styles and emphases. Learning circles as a tool for learning and social justice grow out of a great tradition of people's education, democratizing education, and community development.

For more information on our work, or to get involved, contact Laurel Hirt at LHirt@class.cla.umn.edu.


Registration for the National Gathering at CSU Monterey Bay now open!

Reflections on the Bay
The National Gathering 2007 at CSU Monterey Bay
June 7-9, 2007

~ EXPLORE the Monterey Bay and Salinas Valley.

~ ENGAGE in critical discussion and reflection.

~ EXPERIENCE a service learning conference like no other!

For more information contact Tania D. Mitchell at 831.582.3631 or by email at NG2007@csumb.edu