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 Model Programs 

•  Books on Myles Horton and Highlander
•  Books on Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education
•  Books on Democracy and Education
•  Service Learning and Civic Engagement Books
•  Other Books on Progressive Education, Community Based Learning, and Educating for Social Change
•  Videos

 Books on Myles Horton and Highlander 

Note: Many of these books are available at the wonderful Highlander bookstore. We would appreciate it if you would help us support the Highlander Research and Education Center by buying these books directly from them. Click here to visit their bookstore.

The Long Haul: An Autobiography
by Myles Horton, Judith Kohl, Herbert Kohl, Herbert R. Kohl

We Make the Road by Walking: Conversations on Education and Social Change
by Myles Horton, Paulo Freire

The Myles Horton Reader: Education for Social Change
by Myles Horton, Dale Jacobs

Unearthing Seeds of Fire: The Idea of Highlander
by Frank Adams

Ready from Within: Septima Clark and the Civil Rights Movement.
by Clark, Septima, with Cynthia Brown, ed.

Circle of Fire
by Evelyn Coleman

Highlander: No Ordinary School.
by John Glen

The Highlander Folk School: A History of Its Major Programs, 1932-1961
by Aimee Isgrig Horton

 Books on Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education 

Teaching for Change: Popular Education and the Labor Movement
by Miranda Outman-Kramer, Susan J. Schurman, Kent Wong editors Linda Delp (Author)

Pedagogy of the Oppressed
by Paulo Freire, Myra Bergman Ramos

Education for Critical Consciousness
by Paulo Freire

Teachers As Cultural Workers: Letters to Those Who Dare Teach
by Paulo Freire, et

Pedagogy of Freedom: Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage
by Paulo Freire

Pedagogy of Hope: Reliving Pedagogy of the Oppressed
by Paulo Freire, Robert R. Barr

The Politics of Education : Culture, Power and Liberation
by Paulo Freire

 Books on Democracy and Education 

Democratic Education
by Amy Gutmann

Democracy And Education
by John Dewey

The Abandoned Generation: Democracy Beyond the Culture of Fear
by Henry A. Giroux

 Service Learning and Civic Engagement Books 

These books can be purchased directly from Campus Compact. Please click here to visit Campus Compact’s publications page for more details about any of these publications and for ordering information.

Community Partner Toolkit
by Campus Compact

Students As Colleagues: Expanding the Circle of Service-Learning Leadership
by Campus Compact

Introduction to Service-Learning Toolkit: Readings and Resources for Faculty (Second Edition)
by Campus Compact

Service-Learning in Engineering: A Resource Guidebook
by Campus Compact

The Community's College: Indicators of Engagement at Two-Year Institutions
by Campus Compact

Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Principles and Techniques
by Campus Compact

Civic Engagement Across the Curriculum: A Resource Book for Service-Learning Faculty in All Disciplines
by Campus Compact

Engaged Department Toolkit (and supplemental CD-ROM)
by Campus Compact

Fundamentals of Service-Learning Course Construction
by Campus Compact

The New Student Politics: The Wingspread Statement on Student Civic Engagement
by Sarah Long, Campus Compact

The Service and Service-Learning Center Guide to Endowed Funding
by Campus Compact

Up and Running: A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing an Introductory Service-Learning Institute
by Campus Compact

 Other Books on Progressive Education, Community Based Learning, and Educating for Social Change 

Students Teaching, Teachers Learning
by N. Amanda Branscombe, et al

Experience And Education
by John Dewey

Empowering Education : Critical Teaching for Social Change
by Ira Shor

In Schools We Trust: Creating Communities of Learning in an Era of Testing and Standardization
by Deborah Meier

The Power of Their Ideas : Lessons from America from a Small School in Harlem
by Deborah Meier

Doing Community Based Research: A Reader
by Danny Murphy, Madeleine Scammell and Richard Sclove

Economics Education: Building a Movement for Global Economic Justice
by Praxis/Economic Justice Project

Educating For a Change
by Rick Arnold/Bev Burke/Carl James/D'Arcy Martin/Barb Martin

Empowering Education, Critical Teaching for Social Change
by Ira Shor

Grassroots Participatory Research: A Working Report From a Gathering of Practitioners
by Lee Williams

Pockets of Hope: How Students and Teachers Change the World
by Eileen de los Reyes and Patricia A. Gozemba

Popular Education for Movement Building: A Resource Guide
by Project South, Edited by Abbie Illengerger and Jason Wallach

Rethinking our Classrooms: Teaching fro Equity and Justice
by Bill Bigelow, Linda Christensen, Stan Karp, Barbara Miner, and Bob Peterson


Freire, Paulo. Myles Horton, Paulo Freire and Friends Gather at Highlander.

A one-day workshop was videotaped by New York Univeristy film professor George Stoney and two NYU students, who have now compiled excerpts of the tape for others to use to discuss themes such as a different approach to adult education, linking community and university-based learning, and literacy for empowerment. Also comes with a two-page viewing guide.

Horton, Mvles with Bill Moyers.
The Adventures of a Radical Hillbilly.
Bill Moyers interviews Myles Horton about his ideas concerning Highlander and activist education Public Broadcasting System, 1981.

Education for What? Learning Social Responsibility (DVD)
Shot on location on six urban campuses across the country, this new film looks at how a broad range of discipline and interdisciplinary programs help engage students in service and service-learning. Reproduced in convenient DVD format, Education for What? is an ideal faculty development tool for campuses seeking to create or expand community-based teaching and learning programs.

An accompanying discussion guide provides context and allows campuses to explore issues specific to their institutional type. This discussion guide and DVD are exciting tools for new and seasoned practictioners to examine the complex issues of service, politics, and civic engagement.