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 Learning Circles 

Educators for Community Engagement have embraced the learning circle model at our annual National Gathering and our regional work throughout the year. Learning circles are a cooperative teaching and learning method that draws on personal stories and experiences to find creative solutions to community issues and concerns. By emphasizing personal experience over professional know-how, learning circles depend on open dialogue and careful listening. Coming together to explore a common problem or questions, participants in learning circles work closely over the course of two days (or longer) to challenge and develop eachothers skills and understandings.

To find out more about the uses and history of learning circles click here.

We have collected some tools for learning circle facilitators and some helpful resources for Educators for Community Engagement members who would like to host a learning circle in their area. In addition, Educators for Community Engagement will be offering a certification for learning circle facilitators, and more information will be forthcoming here.